Friday, June 24, 2011

One more sleep....

It's almost here.....

Zack's Family Dream Day is one sleep away....and I'm so full of emotions for the day. Back in March, this day was supposed to be our BIG fundraising effort towards our goal of $25000! Now that we have not only met our goal, but surpassed it to over $33,000, the event has taken on a different meaning to of celebration of Zackie, a thank you to our family and friends who have supported us, a way to remember the things and people Zack loved most and a day to be with family.

I'm excited after all this planning to have the day we envisioned, come to fruition.

I'm anxious to see the money we will raise for Zack's Dream Room and York Central Hospital Pediatric Floor.

I'm nervous that I'll forget something or to thank someone.

I'm sad that Zack will not be with us to enjoy all of the events we have planned.

I'm confident that the weather will be on our side, as our angel will make sure of that.

I KNOW that Zack will be with us in spirit and guide the day for us.

I'm overwhelmed with the enormity of what this day means to me.

I feel lucky to have amazing "sisters" who have been helping me with this dream day and honoured to have so many friends volunteer tomorrow...because they also loved Zack.

I'm humbled by the number of families who have bought tickets and plan on coming tomorrow to support us, honour Zack and have some fun.

I'm anticipating a let down after the event, but on Sunday, I'm going to back track a bit. I'm going to acknowledge that this has been a lovely and rewarding mission for the last 3 months, but that I now need to grieve in a quieter way. I need to have some time to reflect on how I have been feeling, spend some more quality time with Paul, Ty and Jayden without my blackberry and truly find where the journey will continue with Zack by my side.

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Karen H. said...

Beautiful post! I know tomorrow will be amazing! xoxo