Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Treasure Tuesday #3 (#TreasureTuesday)- A Beautiful Moment from Poppa

I've been saving this #TreasureTuesday photo since the weekend.  My Dad told me last week that he had come across some of his own "treasures" in the photo files.  Photos of Zack that he didn't think that I'd seen yet.  

So, on Saturday, a special surprise came in my inbox with the subject line "a beautiful moment".  It was about 8am and we were on the way to Jayden's hockey game.  I was barely awake and with tears in my eyes, I admired this photo of Zack for the first time. 

The animal romper he was wearing was one of my faves.  Paul, Ty and I had decorated the twin's nursery in safari animals before they were born.  I'll never forget the great debate in Babies R Us, when the two of them fought the brown and blue circle print that I wanted and eventually won with the jungle print (at 6 months pregnant with twins, I didn't have much fight).  While we decorated their new room, we all picked one of the animals in the motif; I love elephants, Paul the leo (lion), Ty loved the fast zebras and we picked giraffe for Zack and hippo for Jayden.  Whenever we found clothes with "our" animals, we bought it!  I remember that Jayden's was about 3 sizes bigger and was a light blue.  When it came to picking the second design for Zack's Dream Room, a jungle animal theme was a clear family choice.

stunning mural by Handpainted Murals

It clearly wasn't only the outfit that made me cry as I admired that photo.  Looking at every detail- his tongue slightly out of his mouth, the world's biggest smile, his long lashes, his clapping hands, his "walnut" cheek, his little crossed toes, the softness of his skin, his thin yet strong legs and his beautiful curly hair- all took my breath away.  Laying on my parent's carpet at the lake, was my happy little boy.  Enjoying the attention of his Poppa and bringing us all such joy- what a treasure indeed.  Thanks Dad xo.

I hope you find a photo treasure today.  If you do, please share it on my Facebook wall


Paula Schuck said...

He does have the world's biggest smile!! You are fortunate to have such a great kind caring Dad. What a precious gift and so thoughtful.

Heather Hamilton said...

Paula- I know- what a smile, indeed.